spent 14 years covering government and politics for various newspapers, more than half of that time at the San Francisco Bay Guardian, before enrolling at UC Berkeley's School of Law in Fall, 2006. After earning a masters in journalism from Columbia University in 1992, she worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer -- moving on to the Tallahassee Democrat in 1994. Following a brief stint at the Valley Times, part of the Contra Costa Times chain, she joined the Bay Guardian in 1996 where she covered City Hall and devoted herself to exposing the wheeling and dealing of former mayor Willie Brown. She also represented the Bay Guardian weekly on the SF News hour cable television show. After Mayor Gavin Newsom was inaugurated in Jan. 2004, she became the editor of the SFProgressive.com.


From late 2005 until she left to attend law school, she reported on the state judiciary for the Daily Journal, a newspaper covering local and state legal affairs. She continued to write occasionally about local politics for the Fog city journal website and received her J.D. from Berkeley in Dec., 2009.

Photos by Luke Thomas.